Drawing the World Trade Center from Maremagnum (Barcelona)

Last Sunday we had a meet-up with my drawing classmates and Joan Ramon Farré, where he taught us some of his techniques for getting the best out of light/shade situations. I couldn't apply most of the suggestions (too early!) but I'm sure I will in the future. Something worth remembering is to use actual brushes instead of aqua brushes, and also seeing how he created a vivid sea and sky with a flat brush. I have to get one and try.

A view of World Trade Center Barcelona. Pentel Superb, Pentel Pocket Brush and watercolour as usual. Annotation with a Pilot Parallel 1.5
I used a curved projection to draw more of my viewing area, but since the WTC is actually curved and there are very few horizontal lines aside from the horizon it is really hard to tell. I borrowed Joan (one of my classmates) white marker to add reflections to depict the waves. In the bottom (dock area) you can see Laia and Majo, also drawing.

I had left the dock stones white, just hinting its presence with some Payne grey and Joan Ramon suggested (and implemented after asking if I was really and completely sure he could scribble over my drawing) adding some marks to highlight the shapes of the stones, with pencil. It improved the lower area greatly. He also suggested layering horizontal lines of blue in the greenish sea to not only make it bluer but also to better show the waves.

Edit: Forgot to add I used a not-very-common notebook for this. Instead of the thick 300gr Fabriano I'm using lately or the "standard" Moleskine Watercolour I've used so much, I used a flat notebook by Canson, the Canson Inspiration. It is only 96 gr paper but it holds watercolour really well without giving in or showing in the back. It has a perfect thickness to not bother, and it's smaller version fits in a small pocket. I'm loving this notebook so far.

And here you can see Joan Ramon working on his drawing, it turned out excellent.

You can see the final piece here
I also learnt from Laia where I could get some Platinum Carbon Ink for my Safari here in Barcelona. As of this writing I'm the happy owner of a bottle, and my pen is already filled with it. I have only tried it for a few doodles (I drew my waterbrush and coloured it afterwards) to make sure it is waterproof. It is, and it yields a deep, thick black much like a Pentel Pocket Brush (but less shiny.)