Train sketch again

I drew this while on my commute from Barcelona to El Masnou. Two work friends, recently arrived from the airport were talking about their work stuff, and giving me occasional looks of "Wtf may he be doing with that sketchbook and technical pen?". I was planning on only drawing the suitcase and then read a little on my iPad, but the sun was just behind me and the glare from the screen could either kill me or kill the guy sitting beside me, so I kept drawing instead. The B/W version looks pretty dull... But I had already decided to add colour at home:

I wasn't completely true to colour, though: the guy's trousers should have more yellow, but I forgot and adding yellow after brown does not give the same tone as first yellow and then brown. Also, getting the faint red-blue Renfe colour is still hard. As usual, my set of Newton & Winsor watercolor with a waterbrush. I'm really happy about the end result, the shadowing and appearance of the suitcase (which after all, is the cornerstone of this piece) is nicer than what I expected I could do. Also, adding watercolor to even a dull drawing like this one gives an awesome effect. Give it a try ;)