Morning coffee (home sketch) and train afternoon (urban sketch)

Last Thursday (after a long pre-bed read of The Art of Urban Sketching) I woke up with a drawing itch and was lucky to find my watercolor set over the table. So I just drew my breakfast: a big cup of coffee with milk and cookies to dip in it. I drew it in my Moleskine watercolor notebook, using a Staedtler Marsmatic and a Pentel waterbrush. Straight in ink... I'd rather draw wrong than carry an eraser and pencil! For the colors, my Winsor & Newton travel set (self-made), consisting of 6 colors (viridian green, aquamarine blue, cadmium yellow, burnt umber, crimson red and... ivory black I think). In some other post I'll write about how I carry my watercolours around.

In the afternoon, after guitar class I drew the train in front of me, my first urban sketch: Barcelona to El Masnou railroad. That black thing sideways on the left is my guitar (and my hand, in an odd brown tone... too close to the paper edge to solve it in the move.) The trip from Barcelona to El Masnou lasts around 30 minutes and I finished the drawing just after the previous stop, in 27 or 28 minutes. Same tools as above, but a little harder to draw. Spanish local trains, although quite new are very shaky at some points. I'm quite happy with the perspective results, but not so much about some of the colors and shadows. The RENFE ground is of a dark blue-red, and the seats are light blue-red. Oh, forgot to mention I make the color mixes directly on paper, in layers. A red wash followed by a blue wash... But the results in this drawing are not as good as they should!