Upside down

I loved this exercise!!

Do you recognise this drawing? Yes! Is Picasso's portrait of Igor Stravinsky. Check it.
But this one is made by me... upside down. What does it mean? No, it's not me hanging from the living-room lamp: it involves turning the picture so you have Stravinsky's head on the bottom and draw him without thinking what the lines you are sketching represent.

I wasn't sure about what I'm doing and I was astonished when I turned the paper and saw the result. Amazing!

I have repeated this exercise in several ocasions... I have a problem with placing the drawing in the paper and I'm decapitating everybody, but anyway, I'm very proud of the "framed" results :-)

Anonymous s. XVI drawing of a German Horse "and Rider" (original).

Van Gogh's Café Terrace on the Place du Forum (original)... hard to draw soooo many lines, but I got a raising self-steem explosion when I finished.

Drawn with a mechanical pencil, 0.5mm HB hardness in a Moleskine plain notebook.