Ramon. Surely you don't know him, so now that he has made his jump to fame you could think that this is a true picture of him.
No, it isn't.
But I know that he would be flattered by that: I've made him a free lifting, an unnecessary liposuction and kept his everlasting smile.

Ramon is my coworker and friend since 2004, though I met him some years before. He is 55 years old and soon he will be grandpa of a girl that I can't avoid to feel as a kind of niece.
When the second exercice of The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic ConfidenceCreativity Books) said "think of someone that is not near you and draw him from memory" Ramon's face popped in my mind.

Rubén says that it looks like Mark Zuckerberg rather than Ramon but I don't mind. I enjoyed doing this drawing as much as I enjoy sharing my office days with Ramon.

Drawn with a mechanical pencil, 0.5mm HB hardness in a Moleskine plain notebook.