Monkey hanging from lamp

A monkey in a lamp
I love monkeys.
A long time ago I read a book that compare staff task management with monkeys: if you feed them (if you do their work, solve their problems, take their tasks...), you will only have more and more monkeys dancing on your desktop. But if you teach them how to feed themselves (explain how to solve this problem, the steps to do the work, ...) you will be able to do your own work and everythig will be done in time.

I shared it with my coworkers and we all decided to talk about "monkeys" instead of tasks. In our progress work panel we have pictures of monkeys with the name of the task above, and monkeys advance step by step. It's a funny way to do the work and to not consider only "to-do".
Since then, our office is full of pictures, plushes, jokes,... about monkeys.

Some days ago I was put on hold, hearing the looping metallic song, thinking that I will go nuts, when I "saw" my monkey hanging from the desktop lamp. He was saying "draaaaw meeee, draaaaaaw me..."... or maybe was just my brain going bananas. Anyway, I drew it. Isn't he cute?

Done in a index card, as part of the ICAD Challenge, with my Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen.

Ah, and if you want to know more about this book: Managing Management Time: Who's Got the Monkey?Entrepreneurship Books)