How not to draw a greyhound

As soon as I decided to begin Sketched Life, I took a Moleskine and a brush pen and tried to draw everything as Rubén does...
I have just begun Betty Edwards' The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic ConfidenceCreativity Books) but haven't applied any of the book exercises. I knew that the main problem with her drawing students was that they don't know how to put in paper the overlap of two objects... Well this drawing is a good example of that: I know the problem, I tried to avoid it, I failed.

My greyhound (yes, that's not an alien beetle, it's a dog) seems drawn in the living-room floor.

Thought I know that I'm not good at drawing, that I'm just a beginner trying to improve, I was advised of the problem and, having focused all my attention on avoiding the same mistakes that other beginners do... I did them anyway. Argggh!

I repeated the same sketch the next day... same result: a dog superimposed with the background. With the second sketch I was sure that I would succeed, I knew what was the problem the day before, and I knew what was wrong and how to do it then... until some strokes before ending, when I realised that I could not draw the drawers as they should.

In other circumstances, after these two horrible attempts, I would have abandoned the idea of learning to draw, "it's impossible with me! I'm a total mess! Etc...". But now I'm sketching my life and that's part of it: I should post this kind of sketches in order to show you my progress...

Come back in a year: I will repeat this same drawing and we will know if it is possible to learn to draw just drawing.

Drawn in a Moleskine with Pentel Brush.